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The House System

The House system at Denbigh High School is a powerful means by which we have been able to harness a great deal of energy and enthusiasm from our learners. The Houses build a level a collegiality between peers, whilst creating a competitive environment, which is underpinned by actions that help develop good character.

This term we have been able to deliver on a variety of competitions, where a number of departments have been pivotal in putting these together, these have included the Science, PE, RE and Languages departments. The feedback from our learners has been excellent, the level of engagement in these activities is consistently increasing.

The competitions have been creative and innovative, from making models of volcanoes, atoms and cells, to combining art and religion, with excellent artistic pieces which will be entered into national competitions. The dodge ball competition and language quizzes helped create a real buzz around the school. 

Each student is a member of a ‘house’. The houses are made up of all students from Year 7 to Year 11. The Community ethos at Denbigh High School is already very strong but with the new House system, we hope to see this flourish.

Being part of a house encourages competition and makes us participate in new things.  Wimbledon are the best because we work hard and all look after each other.
Arifa Monir | Wimbledon

Interhouse! It the best!!I also like working with older students in our house too!
Fayaaz Choudhury | Wimbledon

Achieving well and helping others – that’s what it is all about.
Tanzim Chouwdhury | Wembley

Brings fun to the school.  If you contribute to the house – you can get to go on trips.  Even the teachers are competitive!
Khadija Begum | Lords

It’s easy for everyone to get along and work together. It’s good competition for us.  Twickenham are always winning – we have the best form tutors too! 
Layla Rezzag-Lebza | Twickenham