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Remote Learning at Denbigh High School

Google Classroom is the platform for learning and communicating to students.


Lessons are live at Denbigh, as teachers are available during the timetabled lesson to interact with students. Teachers are available to answer questions or give feedback for work that is completed during the lesson time. An element of lessons will also include voice overs and pre-recorded explanation of instructions of key concepts. This enables students to pause or listen again to the teacher’s explanation and work at their own pace.

Resources in lessons

Also included in lessons are links to resources, videos, GCSEpod, exam mark schemes and other interactive material that support the learning in the lessons. Texts and reading material are all available online and students are sent the links in order to access these.


Deadlines are set for students that allow them to complete the work either in the lesson time or at a suitable time after that allows them to achieve a successful piece of work. This allows students to feel confident in the work they have completed and avoid the feeling of being  overwhelmed. Extended work and homework are carefully considered to support students in making their learning day manageable and meaningful.

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