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Exploring Dance and the Performing Arts allows students to express their creativity whilst utilising key skills such as teamwork, time management, problem solving, confidence, critical analysis and evaluative skills. Dance aims to develop technical and expressive skills that link to a range of modern themes and dance history. As well as this dance aims to deliver the the importance of stylistics qualities and the cultural context of dance styles all in an enthusiastic and vibrant approach. Students are encouraged to be focused, committed and reflective on their own and others practice. Dance and Performing Arts studies allow students scenario based learning to the Performing Arts sector preparing them and providing them with the foundations to move on to future learning within and outside of the Performing Arts field such as assessing the skills to become a performer, choreographer, freelance artist, director, dance historian, dance critic, physiotherapist and teacher. Furthermore, students will gain confidence, communication skills that are verbal and non-verbal, will develop how to successfully solve problems, organisation skills and will become more creative individuals.

Dance is not just movement, not simply abstract. It's something beautiful. Sometimes there's this feeling in the movement that makes me want to cry.
Nina Ananiashvili

To view the Denbigh High School Interactive Dance Journey click the image below: