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Year 8 Students Explore the World of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Students in Year 8 Drama have been exploring the musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Miss Casey asked students to tell the tale of Sweeney Todd through either a poem, rap, storyboard or speech.

Below is a brilliant summary speech by Sumaya Daoud:

Sweeney Todd’s story is a perfect example of why society needs to become more fair and just. Benjamin Barker had a great, fulfilling life with his beautiful wife, his daughter and his job as a barber. Then his whole life turned upside down and was cast away to Australia by a cruel, inhumane judge for a crime he didn’t commit just because he was jealous. Later on Benjamin Barker wanted his revenge and ended up murdering many people including the judge for his way of bitter revenge. Benjamin Barker, a person who never even hurt a fly turned into a bloodthirsty serial killer turning people into cannibals and traumatizing many people. What is the reason for why society is so chaotic and corrupt? What made society so selfish? Well, the feeling of jealousy in this story left society astray, the judge being jealous began this whole story of misery, Mrs Lovett being jealous killed Barker’s wife and Pirelli being jealous of Todd led to his own self downfall. We need to do better than letting our feelings of jealousy poison our lovely world. We need peace, unity, justice. The tale of Sweeney Todd is a warning for all to seek justice in the right way to preserve our sanity and hope in humanity. Peace, unity, justice are one.

Below is a short video made by Naeemah Saphia Khatun summarising the musical: