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Year 8 Boughton Woods CLT Trip

The year 8 students spent a day at Boughton Woods in Northamptonshire. The trip was aimed at building the students character and getting to experience the outdoors. Students took part in activities such as fire building and learning how to knot a rope to make a friendship bracelet. In their groups students worked together and showed that they had resilience and motivation to complete the tasks. It was great to see the students outside of the classroom and having so much fun.

"Boughton woods was an area where we could build a bond and connect with each other, it has helped me build my confidence and has helped me develop" Rafya Fazal Tariq

"My favourite part of the trip was making the fire because all of us had turns to try it. We all had a good time. When the fire was lit, it was so warm while we were having our lunch as well!" Habiba Rahman