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University of Bedfordshire #Aim4Uni trip

On Monday 31st January and Monday 7th February 2022 a group of Year 7 & 8 students were given the opportunity to visit the University of Bedfordshire and take part in a selection of workshops all about ‘getting into university’.

The trip was designed to give students the knowledge and experience of what university life is like, students were made aware of the possible options and support available to them. 

Students were grouped into groups of 5/6 and spent the day taking part in inspiring competitions and workshops to collect points to decide an overall winning group at the end of the day. 

The first workshop was a Kahoot quiz designed to challenge students' knowledge of university and after an intense and competitive quiz the scores were close. Students then worked in their groups to guess the price of different ‘typical university student foods’ - this task was created to challenge students budgeting skills and see just how much a student could spend in a week.

After the quizzes students then went on an in depth tour of the campus. They were given the chance to see places such as; the university library that boasts an impressive 8 floors, the tv studio, the medical suites - complete with breathing dummies, the SU and the canteen. 

Students then spent the afternoon designing a product of the future, this was a great opportunity for students to explore their entrepreneurial skills and gave them an insight into some of the different course options available at the university and the type of courses/jobs that, although don’t exist yet, could exist when they go to university. 

The entire trip really was an eye opener for students and truly inspired them to consider university as an option in the future. 

Hassan in Year 7 said “The day was enlightening!”

Abu-Bakr in Year 7 said “Today was fun working on ideas to improve our future”

Yousuf in Year 7 said “Today was life changing, it felt like we were having our very first day at university”