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The Great Denbigh Bake Off!

To start off the year with a bang, students put to use their baking skills for the Denbigh Bake Off. Competing students and teachers mixed, baked, whipped, iced and sprinkled to create a dozen cupcakes to win ‘Top Baker’. In an effort to represent their Houses, students created detailed iced models of rugby balls, cricket pitches, tennis rackets and footballs to decorate their cupcakes as well as using a multitude of colours and flavours. The cupcakes were sold at the end of the school day with all money being donated to Keech Hospice. 

With close to 150 students competing for ‘Top Baker’, judging was a difficult task. After a long deliberation, 4th place was awarded to Abdullah Faisal (Wembley), 3rd place to Eshaal Hussain (Wimbledon), 2nd place to Tobias Malik (Lords) and 1st place to Hannah Zaman (Twickenham).