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Summer School 2021

Summer school 2021 was a great success this year with a large number of students  from both year 7 and year 11 attending. There was a range of activities for students  to enjoy from team building, theatre companies to creative art tasks. The year 7 students  were given an exciting taste of what life was like at Denbigh and it was a great opportunity to meet their teachers and make new friends. Year 11 students  were able to enhance their learning opportunities through a range of exciting activities that ranged from study skills to maths and English sessions. 

Here are some quotes from students  who attended the summer school describing their highlights.

"Summer school was so fun! We played all sorts of games and sports like football and hot potato. I learnt how to stitch, made posters and even did orienteering. Summer school helped me get a head start on joining Denbigh." - Aneesa Hossain


"I enjoyed summer school because I was able to meet my teachers and make new friends!" - Maryam Aaquib

"During summer school, we got to take part in various activities including numeracy, literacy, creative arts and sports. It assured me that I should not be scared to move to a new school, as I learnt where things are and what to do. It was a blast!" - Eshaal Hussain