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Successful CLT Berkhamsted Students Gather at Denbigh

On the 21st of January 2022 Denbigh welcomed the successful Berkhamsted Scholarship students from Denbigh, Challney Boys, Challney Girls, and Putteridge to meet with current Berkhamsted students, and Mr Falder to discuss the opportunities available at their new school, and get a feel for what life will be like during their A level studies. 

Students discussed the standards and expectations in terms of workload, and talked openly about capitalising on the amount of study time they will have.  It was a candid discussion, and independence, self motivation and resilience were identified as key qualities needed in order to succeed. 

Additionally, students who are currently studying at Berkhamsted shared some of the wonderful experiences they have had so far. They talked about the variety of sports they partake in, including lacrosse, high ropes, Zumba, and rowing. They were insightful when explaining some of the work experience opportunities they have planned, and the societies they have established themselves with.  The fundamental theme of a valuable extra curricular offer to supplement their academic offer was reinforced, as well as the idea of service to the community.