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Students Take Part in Equal Pay Debate

Students in Mr Bacon’s Year 8 class have been answering the question : “Do you think that women should be paid the same as men? Are the sports requirements and expectations the same?”.

One student, Hasan Mehmood, responded with an excellent answer, see below:

“Sexism towards women has long existed going back 61 years to the term's creation date. It means to be prejudiced towards women because “Men were always the better gender” to many people. In sports, there was some controversy saying that women were paid only a quarter of what the men earned when both football teams had won the World Cup because the women’s team had greater success that year. However sexism isn’t the issue here, the issue is that people didn’t promote women’s football. The men’s US football team were more popular and were promoted meaning more people paid to see it. There was not enough advertisements and marketing for women since men were the first to play football and the tradition stayed. The media filed a lawsuit for the team to get their deserved award which they finally got in the end.”