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Maths Feast Challenge at All Saints Academy

On Tuesday 26 Feb 2019 students took part in a Maths Challenge at All Saints Academy in Dunstable. These students were Sulaiman Shaukat 103, Ameena Akhtar 102, Kibriya Ahmed 103 and Sara Mirza 108. These competitions are run to encourage students to pursue Maths to higher levels such as  A-level and beyond. The competition was in four parts: Merry Go Round (Starter), Comprehension (Main), Problem Solving (Dessert), Petit Fours (Final). The tasks involved the students working initially individually, then in pairs, then in fours. It tested the students with familiar mathematical questions, but also challenged them with novel concepts such as Prim’s algorithm. In most instances they were working against the clock. The teachers marked the exercises (but not their own schools!). The students enjoyed the activities, gained valuable experience in time management, teamwork, communication skills etc. It also showed the students that Maths can be fun! The four students were outstanding and behaved impeccably and finished second in several challenges which was an excellent achievement. All four students were awarded with certificates.