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Lunchtime Careers Club

Lunchtime careers clubs have started well!

Year 7 students attended on Tuesday, and enjoyed working on reflecting on their transition from primary to high school and the range of emotions, good and bad, that came with this.   Life has been very strange for all of us for a long time and although it might seem late in the year to look at this idea, the students all contributed to how scared, frightened and worried they felt before starting at Denbigh. Now, they are settled and know their fears are groundless. Next week we are going to continue this theme and look at how they have started to contribute to their new school life and how different it all is to what they originally believed it was going to be. 

Year 10 students meet on Wednesday and this week we looked at what education provides each of us with and how it is essential for our futures. We looked at the reasons why certain option subject choices were made and their options available post GCSE’s in year 11.   Knowing that they can take control of how they work towards what they want to do in the future has given them food for thought on how they are going to get there.   Next week we are going to start looking at employability skills and how skills are transferable.  

A reminder that Year 9 meet on Thursday lunchtime, and Year 8, on Monday.