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Japanese Olympics 2021 Discussion

Last year the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games were due to take place but due to the Coronavirus Pandemic they were postponed to this year. Year 8 students were challenged to respond to the question “Should the Olympics in Japan take place this year?”.

Below are two responses Miss Haines was incredibly impressed with:

Janika Suthakaran Year 8: “I think the Olympics in Japan shouldn't take place this year due to the pandemic spreading all across the world. Coronavirus is a virus which started to spread in China in 2019 and has been an ongoing problem till this day. There have been special rules set to stop the spread of the virus such as wearing face masks, social distancing, and washing your hands often. The olympics will find it very hard to stick to these rules because there will be a huge crowd who will not be able to maintain social distancing. There is a huge amount of deaths and cases of the virus in Japan so by holding the Japanese olympics the cases and deaths could become higher. It is said that there are 292,212 cases in Japan and that is a very high number of cases in one country. Also if everyone gets tested and gets the covid vaccine this still may not work because the test results may not be accurate if they were held in the wrong way. If someone had Covid without knowing and their test results come back negative, then they could be spreading it to other people without knowing. If they spread it to someone with a weaker immune system then they could potentially die because of how weak their immune system is.These are all of the reasons why I think the Japanese olympic shouldn't take place this year.”

Sumaya Daoud Year 8:  “I strongly believe that the Olympics in Japan should not take place this year. The reason for this is because of the many dangerous risks and long-term consequences that can take place which threatens the safety of many people and of the athletes. One of the examples of the many risks the event can cause is that even if the athletes have to have COVID vaccines that doesn't make them immune so this can spread covid-19. Another point is that all these athletes and their supporters come from around the world so that they might get covid and bring it back to their country. The new covid variant found in the UK might also spread around the world if the Olympics take place this year. Other than the obvious Covid-19 risks the Olympics can have many other dangerous factors such as flood, weather , environmental and technology risks. As much as I love the Olympics it is not worth the risks of people's safety for our enjoyment.”