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History Film Club

The History Department has started a History Film Club encouraging students to explore wider historical issues outside of the classroom. In September, students watched a documentary on the American 9/11 World Trade Centre to mark the twentieth anniversary and  to enable students to understand the cause and consequences of the  disaster. Students were shocked but interested  by the event, as it was not in living memory for them. This sparked many students' interest in History and encouraged students to develop their knowledge on expanding areas of history.  During the month of October, students have been engaging in the ‘Black and British- A forgotten History’ to help celebrate Black History Month. 

Methe, Year 9, says it gives me an opportunity to meet people who enjoy History and means I can learn interesting facts that I haven’t explored before. We look forward to welcoming more students across the school to this extra-curricular experience, and will be focusing on soldiers from across the Empire in WW1 and WW2 in November, and the experiences of migration within the south Asian community in December.