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Health and Wellbeing Project Weightlifting

On the 28th of January ten boys who are involved in the health and wellbeing project were lucky enough to go to a specialist Crossfit gym in Ampthill to complete a session lead by fitness instructor Adam.

The boys started with a fun warm up game were they each had a plastic pole, when Adam shouted right or left, they had to let go of their pole and catch the person to their right/left's pole. If a pole was dropped they had to complete a forfeit. This coordination proved as a challenge and the boys ended up doing many forfeits!

The main part of the session was learning the deadlift technique. By the end all of the boys involved had perfected the technique, and Abidurrahamaan was identified as having the best technique in the group.

To finish with they completed challenges as a group, this really brought out their competitive side. It was really impressive to see how the students got involved and their attitude throughout this project so far.