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Drama Inter House Competition

The Drama inter house competition challenged students to write a short script based on a Norman Rockwell Painting. Miss Casey was very impressed with creativity from all the entries she received. 

The winning entry was by Eiman Ali 86, Lords House, in 1st place followed by Rafya Fazal 72, Wimbledon House, in 2nd place and Naeemah Khatun 82, Wimbledon, in 3rd place. Special mention to great entries from:  Zaynab Rizwan, Mariyah Kamaly, Aqeeb Nazir, Nasra Daoud  and Sanjida Tohnima.

Eiman’s script captures the historical setting and atmosphere of a different era. Her choice of names for her characters and the polite, subtly romantic and droll, sweet melodramatic dialogue conjures a sweet scene from a different time.  Excellent work Eiman.

Below is Eiman’s piece:


The Birthday Party - Eiman, 86.  Lords

James:  Care to dance, Margaret?

Margaret: Why I would love to James! But it seems I have hurt my foot.

James: Oh what rotten luck! Here hold my hand, and I shall get you some punch.

Margaret: Why thank you James, you are always so considerate.

(Margaret takes James' hands and hobbles to the seating area. James goes to the food stand and fills two glasses of punch.)

James: Here you go dear Margaret.

(James hands the punch to Margaret. Margaret takes a sip and sighs.)

Margaret: Why is it always at a party that I must make a terrible fool out of myself.

James: Oh Margaret you could never make a fool out of yourself.

Margaret: You know what James, after drinking this punch I do feel a bit better now. Care for that dance now?