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Digital Leaders rise to support Denbigh Staff

What a whirlwind of an initiation for the new cohort of Digital leaders this year. Having started the academic year with so much uncertainty as to what would be in store for them in the Digital leaders programme.

The Digital leaders cohort have experienced a great deal of challenges in their first term, being in school one moment then suddenly out for periods needing to isolate.

Regardless of all the obstacles the Digital leaders have certainly proven they can rise to any challenge put to them, despite the challenges posed by Covid, they have remained consistent in their commitment hard work and effort.

This year one of their key objectives was to support the school in the use of digital technologies. During this first term they have been exceptionally busy working hard in mastering their own skills and expertise in the use of applications such as Screencastify and Loom. Then using their newly acquired skills to assist and support the staff and wider school with the schools remote learning/ blended learning strategy.

Initially they were set to run a whole staff CPD on the use of Screencastify to support schools remote learning strategy, however, it had to be cancelled last minute. Nonetheless they persevered in finding a solution to continue to support staff, instead running weekly lunchtime CPD clinics to train staff in the use of Screencastify throughout the month of November. These CPD sessions were taken up by, not just the teaching staff but the trainee teachers and also Chiltern support staff. Well done to the Digital leaders. The feedback for your help and support has been phenomenal.

Not only have the Digital leaders been busy supporting staff in school they have over the last half term remained busy, creating a series of Edtech videos to support staff not just locally but nationally in the use of G Suite and digital technologies to support them in their remote learning preparations. No rest for the wicked as they say. A job well done.