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Denbigh Students Work Selected for ‘Journey to Rediscovery’ Anthology

Students from across the trust were asked to submit entries to be considered for publication in the ‘Journey to Rediscovery’ Anthology. Students were asked to create a piece based on either the theme of ‘A Journey to Rediscovery’ or one which mirrors their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.

We are immensely proud to have three of our students’ entries selected to be published in the anthology. A huge congratulations to Sumaya Daoud, Marjan Ahmed and Saiyed Abdullah Sadiq whose work will be published and represent the high quality of determination and creativity shown by Denbigh students.

Read the entries below:

Saiyed Abdullah Sadiq


"Patient 54 coming in."

"That's the 8th one this hour."

"I don't need your whining right now, just put this on." He handed her a thin, elasticated rag with tape on either side.

"What on earth is this supposed to be?" 

"We ran out of face masks and we didn't have many materials. The support team did the best they could with the tools they had. Now put it on and follow me."

Sophia pulled the mask taut around her ears and stepped into the wild sea of nameless faces. The overwhelming pressure of working as a new addition to the hospital team was washed away as she was engulfed by pain and panic. The frantic doctors shouting across the hall, and the constant flow of patients clogging up the only path to escape the madhouse in which they were trapped crowded her mind as she attempted to manoeuvre her way through the crowd. Moisture slowly dripped from her fuschia brow. At last arriving at the other end of the hall, Sophia swung the door open with great force, oblivious to the numerous members of her own team whom she had hit. Slamming the door and pulling down the blinds behind her, she rushed over to where the patient lay in critical condition. “What seems to be the problem Sam?”

“Sophia, you may want to see for yourself.” He rested his hand on her shoulder for comfort.

At the sight of the body, she was speechless.

“Tommy! Don’t be stupid!” Sophia yelled with great anxiety, “You’ll slip and hurt yourself!” After moments of silence, “Come back right this instance or I will tell mother that YOU broke the vase yesterday, not Sam!” To Sophia’s pleasure, her younger brother came sliding along the icy lake without hesitation, desperate to protect his own reputation. 

“No. No no no no no NO! You cannot tell mother the truth. I’ll be grounded for months Sophia! I’ll miss my skating lessons!”

“Yeah, well maybe you should. You can’t be so reckless Tom.”

“I’ll be better, I promise.”

“Sam is being punished for something YOU did, and he needs to focus on his work since this is his second year as a doctor. If you carry on like this, you’ll end up in hospital.”

“Stop worrying so much, I can take care of myself. Besides, what's the worst that can happen?” 

“Tommy, next month will be my first time as a full time doctor. I cannot take care of you all day long. Take it easy in your ice skating classes, and be. Careful.”

Those many warnings she gave to her foolish younger brother earlier that year were dismissed as if they were merely ants crawling along his finger. And here he sat, 6 months later, lying on a hospital bed in front of his sister.

“Sophia,” Sam sighed, “he hasn’t got long. I’m sorry.”

A silent tear rolled down her cheek.

These... are her beloved brother’s.... last hours.


Marjan Ahmed

"Joseph! I expect you to come downstairs this instant, before I break your computer!" clamoured Mother from the bottom of the stairs.

"Huh? Uh - coming!" I replied, not really meaning it, as I continued to finish the last level. I looked at the clock above the window ceiling. I winced my eyes, continuously. 

'8;45?! You mean school starts in only 15 minutes?!' I panicked. I instantaneously switched my computer off and rushed to my wardrobe and grabbed my navy blue blazer and trousers.

I heard Mother's steps approaching my bedroom door. I was doomed. In just a matter of seconds, I, unavailingly, dressed in my clothes, wore my school shoes, and kicked my bedroom door open. 

"Joseph! We got 5 minutes left! I don't want to collect you again, an hour detention after school, for being late! Hurry up!" cried my mother with her head popping out of the window of our BMW.

I opened the car door, and sat down. She drove me to school and it wasn't a good sight...

The back gate was closed. Which meant.. I was late. "Noooooo!" said my Mother, "Not again, not again!" We drove around the school, to the front gate which was still open. I got out of the car, and looked back at my mother. 'You wait, just wait till you get home.' she mouthed. I looked forward, pretending I wasn't scared of my Mother's punishment. I opened the school door, and waiting upon me was the receptionist. "3 minutes late! Not good! Take this late slip and go to your teacher." I looked at my schedule, and I screeched. I had Mr Haynes for Maths, Period 1! He was the strictest of every teacher in the school, perhaps the country. 20 seconds late, and you're done for. 3 MINUTES LATE?! I made my way upstairs to my Maths class, waiting at the class door. I took a deep breath and walked in. I opened the door, and happened to find, not a strict, moody and irritating Mr Haynes, but a kind looking, smiling man. 

"Hello there! Joseph Brown, is it? I will be your Mathematics teacher, from now till the end of the year. 3 minutes late? It's fine. Not a problem. Sit down in your seat, sir." I walked towards my seat, relieved. 

"Joe, Joe!" whispered my best mate and Maths partner, Ben, "You got lucky with that one. Didn't you read the school newspaper yesterday?"

"Uhh, no." I said, realising I was busy playing my games rather than reading it. 

"Well! Mr Haynes has retired from school, but it's unknown why he did. So many theories and rumours are going amongst the students around the school why he left, but most of them don't seem to be realistic or logical, to be honest."

I nodded, pretending I understood every word the smartest kid in the year just said.


Sumaya Daoud

Times are darkening,

Everyone is feeling disheartening,

We need something reassuring and healing,

But wait I see something revealing,

No need for irrational heroes now,

But how,

I never appreciated them so much till now,

NHS is what their are called,

I am amazed and enthralled,

There are more than one two or three,

There are all essential for us like trees,

There are thousands of them as you can see,

All saving everyone so we can get out of our houses and be free,

Oh wait I can see more,

More heroes than ever before,

Teachers, carers and parents are heroes too,

Giving hope to me and you,

I promise these days will pass,

And in no time will be back in class,

Keep washing your hands and keeping safe,

I forgot that makes you a hero too,

So never underestimate the good you do!