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CLT Employee of the Month!

Our receptionist Sarah Queen has been awarded Chiltern Learning Trust Employee of the Month for going above and beyond to inspire and support students. Staff are nominated each month across the eleven schools in the trust and only one is selected.

Congratulations Sarah!

Before lockdown, Sarah volunteered her own time (and resources) to run a cross-stitch club for Denbigh students. For over 25 students.

Recently, she has organised and resourced 'packs' for the students that includes their work so far, and the things that they will need to continue with it (including instructions from her) despite Covid restrictions. Additionally, she has set up a Google Classroom for the students involved, so they can share their ideas and work with one another, and with her. All of this effort has been in the interest of the students, and allows them to not only develop a new skill, but explore their creativity and benefit their wellbeing.

Sarah is a receptionist at Denbigh High School, and she has gone above and beyond her call of duty, benefitting our students tremendously.