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British Sign Language Club

This term a new lunch club has been introduced and already a group of year 10 students have quickly gained the ability to sign their own names, introduce themselves and question each other using British Sign Language. Students have commented that it’s a great skill to learn and will look great on their CVs. 

BSL is a visual language that involves a combination of hand shapes, facial expressions, lip patterns and body language. In the UK there are over 150,000 BSL users and the language is most commonly used within the Deaf community. 

The aim of the club is to give students the opportunity to develop their understanding of Deaf culture and become Deaf aware to increase inclusion within the community. 

The BSL club is an exciting way to learn a new language and to develop social skills, concentration and confidence - all students are welcome to join.  

The club runs Monday - Wednesday from 12:30 until 13:00 in room S7.