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Artist Development Club

Monday after school for years 9, 10 and 11

‘’Artist Development is the process any musician goes through to develop their craft and skills necessary to build a professional career in the music industry. This means everything from Voice, Songwriting, Image & Branding, Music & Video Production, Live Performance, Marketing and Social Media.’’

The aim of this club is to focus on students’ own aspirations, as a ‘start-up’ musician. They will study real industry practice which coincides with their current study, building upon what they have already learnt across the curriculum. Elements of multimedia, and Business will help pave the way to establishing themselves as artists/bands with portfolios that have been professionally thought out and researched using a blend of primary and secondary sources.

The club has been running for three weeks; students have been looking at creating their first compositions. Beginning with the process of songwriting, students have the option to write either instrumental pieces or songs with lyrics. Students have been looking at how to structure their pieces by taking influences from musicians that they like and will start to break them down to identify what the compositions are made up of.

In the coming weeks the club will look at live performance skills and music production to help expand and develop their compositions.

Reactions of the students to the club:

“It’s fun! You can learn a lot from it and I’ve met new people.” Lewis Docherty (95)

“I feel that the club, although it has only been running for a short time, is a great way for us students to develop and express our artistry and express ourselves especially through music and composing. It’s always great fun and an opportunity to gain new skills, knowledge and an insight into the music industry which will ultimately assist us in future career choices.” Kazim Shah (115)

“I like how it feels like an actual lesson, rather than a club. I appreciate that the tasks are all hands-on activities rather than passive activities.” Shanzae Mirza (105)