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Aqeeb in Year 9 New Views Play Longlisted!


New Views is an exciting project, where students from the age of 14 and going on until 19 are encouraged to write a 30 minute play to be entered into a competition at the National Theatre. All students possess a desire for their play to either be longlisted then shortlisted or be the winning play. Well, for me, I was lucky enough for my play to be included in the longlist two weeks ago. 

My name is Aqeeb Nazir and I am one of three students this year who submitted a play to the National Theatre. I began participating in this competition last year - unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 situation that occurred last year, the National Theatre announced that the competition would be postponed. Somehow, I ended up writing a total of three plays: my first play was about a couple and how since the husband prioritizes work over family, his familial world begins to collapse. My second revolved around a young boy who has Special Educational Needs who befriends a young girl suffering with ADHD - both experience a bumpy journey, yet their friendship helps both to pass the barriers together. Following these two plays that I constructed last year, this year, I took another approach - with the help of Miss Casey, I was able to construct a play focusing on the issue of gaslighting. 

Overall, my time participating in the competition has been breathtaking and quite exhilarating. To have had my play shortlisted has given me a confidence boost and the many other skills I have gained from participating, (research skills, condensing information skills, etc.), will not go to waste. I would recommend anyone wanting to participate in the New Views competition to simply go for it - the competition can often be tiring and exhausting, however for me, the end was not that far away, and I am sure it is not too far away for other future students.

Aqeeb Nazir - Year 9