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Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance

Each week, our Careers Leaderdiscusses the latest issues with key figures from education and industry, gaining expert tips on how to get a head start on your career as well as insight into personal career journeys. Released to students every Friday, these episodes will help inspire you to think about your future and prepare for your next steps after leaving school.

WEEK 21 - 2nd July 2021

Andy Olde

Sports Coordinator and PE Teacher at Wenlock Junior School

Andy is a Sport Coordinator and PE Teacher at Wenlock Junior School. In this podcast Andy discusses the job role of a Sports Coordinator and the variety of activities within the PE curriculum at Wenlock. He speaks about the importance of upskilling through course and researching and ensuring he is up to date with all rules and requirements within all sports he teaches. Andy also speaks of his journey to his current career and how different subjects he studied at school have helped him in his job role.

WEEK 20 - 25th June 2021

Ben Harwood

Physiotherapist for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Ben is a physiotherapist currently working for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. In this podcast Ben discusses his career journey and his day to day activities at Tottenham Hotspur. He also speaks about how he arrived at his career path and the employability skills he thinks are important in order to stand out in such a competitive industry.

WEEK 19 - 18th June 2021

Hasin Ali

Paralegal at Hamilton Fraser

Hasin is an ex Denbigh student who is now working as a paralegal for Hamilton Fraser. Hasin will also be going on to train as a solicitor from September 2021. In this podcast Hasin discusses his journey; from joining Denbigh in 2009 after moving from Bangladesh, learning to adapt in a new country and how Denbigh prepared him for his future. He explores the importance of networking events and how this supported him to achieve the role he is currently in. He also speaks about his current role and what it entails. He also gives vital advice to Year 11 students on what to do now they are moving on to the next stage of their journey.

WEEK 18 - 11th June 2021

Luton Sixth Form
Marc Hulbert - Director of Progress, Behaviour and Achievement

Amanda Jeffreys - Student Admissions, Promotions & Cust Services Manager

Mr Sahota was invited by Luton Sixth Form to join them in their podcast to discuss the following; transition from Year 11 to Sixth Form or further education and general questions from Year 11 students about life at Sixth Form/College. The perfect podcast for students transitioning this year or those starting to think about their next steps. 

WEEK 17 - 28th May 2021

Seamus Sam
Head Chef at Muse Restaurant

Seamus is a head chef at the restaurant Muse in Central London. In this podcast Seamus discusses the variety of different roles the head chef role entails, his career journey and having to adapt when leaving university, having studied Civil Engineering and finding a lack of jobs. Seamus explores the importance of researching and reading new cookery trends and books in order to continuously upskill. He also covers what it is like working in a very fast paced, high pressure environment and how rewarding it can be.  

WEEK 16 - 21st May 2021

Linus Udofia
Professional Boxer & English Middleweight Boxing Champion

Linus Udofia is a professional boxer who is currently the English Middleweight Champion, he also runs a personal trainer and merchandise business. Linus discusses his typical day to day activities juggling these different roles and the intense routine of a professional boxer. He explores the journey to reaching and defending the English Middleweight Champion title and the difficulties he faced both physically and mentally during this.

WEEK 15 - 14th May 2021

Amy Willshire
Drama Therapist

Amy Willshire is a drama therapist who now works for the NHS with patients suffering with mental health issues. In this podcast Amy discusses the importance of drama therapy and how drama therapy could support those suffering with mental health issues post lockdown. She also explores how her job changed over the pandemic especially now that focus on mental health is so key within many workplaces. Amy gives advice to those interested in getting into a career in drama therapy and the journey she took to reach her current career path.

WEEK 14 - 7th May 2021

Nicola Barke
Professional UK Top Ranked Kickboxer & Global Project Manager at HSBC 

Nicola is a professional kickboxer who also works for HSBC. She discusses her journey into kickboxing and how undertaking her Duke of Edinburgh award at school helped to prepare her for the real world. She also explores undertaking a Biomedical Science Degree and balancing studying, working and training. Nicola also speaks about stepping back from the medical field and applying to a Graduate scheme with HSBC leading her to her current career and the flexibility it gives her to train and compete now.

WEEK 13 - 30th April 2021

Sophia Yahya
TK Maxx Area Manager 

Sophia Yahya is a TK Maxx Area Manager who also studies Law. Sophia discusses her role at TK Maxx, her training and journey to her current career. She also speaks about the difficulties of the corona virus pandemic in the retail industry and how it also gave her the opportunity to think about her future and begin to study Law. 

WEEK 12 - 23rd April 2021

Emily Newton
Senior Communications and Public Affairs Officer 

Emily Newton is a Senior Communications and Public Affairs Officer at the National Theatre. Emily discusses what her career at the National Theatre entails, the skills involved in her job and how learning Drama at school has supported her career path. She also discussed her educational journey and gives advice on working in communications and public affairs.

WEEK 11 - 16th April 2021

Talesha Maya
Writer & Poet

Talesha Maya is an emerging Leicester, (UK) based poet and writer who commenced writing at a very young age; she was first featured at the age of 7 in a young writers anthology entitled Hidden Treasures Leicester and went on to feature in several other Young Writer editions until the age of 13. Her focus is now shifting to identity, culture and politics and her next collection Brown Girl Problems & Other Poems will capture her experiences of being a ‘Young British Asian Female’.

WEEK 10 - 26th March 2021

Brigette Adela
Theatre Director, Facilitator & Audio Artist

Brigitte Adela discusses her role as learning events coordinator and working as a freelance director. Brigitte explores working within the community and her journey to her current job. she also examines what it is like being a female within the industry.

WEEK 9 - 19th March 2021

Lewis Ferrell
Director & Founder of Think Sport Coaching Ltd.

Lewis Ferrell is an ex professional footballer who now balances running his own sports coaching company with playing semi professional football. His journey has taught him a wide range of skills that he believes has built who he is today.

WEEK 7 - 5th March 2021

Amar Azam
Project Manager for Unleashing Potential

Amar Azam is a Freelance Journalist and Writer. He has been to some amazing places, and met some incredible people. Amar gives expert advise on how you can combine your talents and you passion, to pursue a career you love!

WEEK 6 - 26th February 2021

Zakaria Najjar
Denbigh Alumni, Berkhamstead Sixth Student and soon to be Oxford Student!

Denbigh Alumnus Zakaria talks openly about his journey from Denbigh to Berkhamstead Sixth, and now onto Oxford University to study History. Full of fantastic advice and honest insight! This inspiring young man is a MUST LISTEN to for all.

WEEK 5 - 12th February 2021

Nigel & Luke
Engineering Apprentices from Avica

Desk Service Technician from Lockheed Martin

It's National Apprenticeships Week! "Earn, Learn and Evaluate". Find out what it is like to do apprenticeships in Engineering or IT, as Nigel, Luke and Will talk about their experiences and what they have gained from taking this pathway.

WEEK 4 - 5th February 2021

Salma Khan
Luton Foodbank Project Manager

"A meaningful career with purpose and direction, that allows you to give back."
Salma Khan shares her insight into what it is really like to work at Luton Foodbank as a Project Manager - wonderfully inspirational!

WEEK 3 - 29th January 2021

Luton Sixth Form
Altaf Hussain |
Principal and CEO
Anisah Akhtar | Admissions, PR and Digital Communications
Amanda Jeffreys | Admissions, Promotions and Customer Service

What characteristics do Universities and employers really want? Answers to this and other key questions are addressed by the CEO and brilliant admissions staff from Luton Sixth Form in this podcast!

WEEK 2 - 22nd January 2021

Emma Darcy
Director of Technology for Learning at Denbigh High School and the Chiltern Learning Trust.

Many jobs in technology do not even exist yet, so how do you prepare for them when you are still at school? This podcast will help you view every role as a stepping stone to your possible future career.

WEEK 1 - 15th January 2021

Leanna Luxton
NHS E&I Stroke Pathway Rehabilitation Pilot Programme Manager and Co-founder Body Activation Limited.

A must listen for anyone thinking about working in the health industry, the NHS, or interested in a rewarding career as a keyworker.