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Students learn new skills during radio workshop

23 March 2009

Denbigh High School students have been having a taste of what it is like to be a Radio Producer and DJ as part of a radio workshop for Year 8 English students.

The workshop was run by Clyde Broadcast which is the company who have built many of the radio stations in this country including some of the Heart stations, Absolute and Classic FM.

During the workshop the students were split into four teams who each had a different task to fulfill:

1. News team - Who had to write two news stories, one that involved a world event and another that involved a school event.

2. Presenter team Who had to introduce the stories and string the whole show together. They had to think carefully about how they linked the various pieces of information, what they were going to say within their part of the show and how they were going to present it.

3. Interviews team - Who had to come up with questions and conduct interviews.

4. Adverts team - Who had to write and create two adverts, one to promote a product and another to promote an event at the school.

The last 20-30 minutes was spent pulling the whole show together. This was then exported to file as a record of all their hard work.

Developing and producing the radio show was not only an enjoyable and highly motivating experience for the students but it helped them to further develop a wide range of skills including:

Reading and writing;
Speaking and listening;
Project management;
Research and evaluation;
Critical and creative thinking;
Technological skills.

Denbigh High School Assistant Headteacher Helen Holley said: The pupils enjoyed the radio workshop particularly as it allowed them to work independently using their own ideas. They also had the challenge of working to a short time schedule and enjoyed the benefit of seeing the end product.

Whilst the students were enjoying putting together their radio show Denbigh High School and Challney High School for Boys Executive Principal, Dame Yasmin Bevan visited the workshop with a film crew in tow to see how the students were doing.

The film crew was filming on behalf of the National College for School Leadership (NCSL) who are producing a series of short films that are aimed at:

promoting the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) amongst a range of stakeholders;
developing an understanding of the redesigned NPQH programme;
recruiting new Headteachers into different types of school e.g. small rural/catholic/extended services/academy/challenging circumstances.

All of the students who took part in the radio workshop had a fantastic time and are very proud of their achievements.