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Schemes of Learning

Welcome to the ‘Schemes of Learning’ pages.

All students at Denbigh High School are given a planner in which to record their homework every week and a homework timetable is published in September each year.

The school planner also includes other useful information such as our ‘Home/School Agreement’ and the school rules. Students on examination courses can also record the dates for coursework deadlines, controlled assessments and examinations in their planners.

Many parents have asked how they can support their child in their learning. This section of our website will tell you what your child is learning at different times of the school year and you will find suggestions for ways in which you can offer support and extend your child’s learning in each subject. We hope that you will enjoy working with your child by doing some of the activities which are intended to supplement normal lessons and homework.

All of the resources that we have identified within these pages have been checked by our teachers and are suitable for young people to access. Many resources are located on our Realsmart website which your child has access to. We would always advise that parents supervise children whilst they research on the internet as it can be easy to inadvertently visit an unsuitable site where parental guidance may be needed.


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