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Parental contact

We welcome parental contact and involvement and want to support parents to play an active role in their child’s learning and personal development.

To support parents to help their child we provide:

  • parental guidance and engagement workshops at appropriate stages of their child’s school years

  • access to information that helps parents to support their child’s learning of the curriculum

  • opportunities to attend and participate in events such as the Summer Fair, Gym and Dance Show, Drama performances and Expressive Arts Evening

  • celebrations of their child’s achievements through the award ceremonies held during each year.

Some of the other ways in which we keep parents informed and involve them in school life include:


Regular, informal contact

We maintain high levels of contact with parents to discuss progress and issues of importance about their child’s welfare. We encourage parents to contact us by telephone or by email at any time if they have any concerns.


Consultation evenings

There are two formal consultation evenings a year when parents can meet teachers to discuss student learning and progress. The meetings provide an opportunity for parents to identify next steps in their child’s learning with their form tutor and subject teacher.


Schemes of learning

Many parents have asked how they can support their child in their learning and so we have provided a 'Schemes of Learning' section within this website which tells parents what their child is learning at different times of the school year and the ways in which they are able to offer support and extend their child’s learning in each subject at home.


The Denbigh News

Our newsletter contains a wide range of information from across the school and is an excellent way for parents to find out about the many activities and student achievements that have taken place that month.



Parents can follow us on Twitter for the very latest developments as they happen.


Parent Governors

Our Parent Governors have an important role in the continued success of our school and for our students as we pursue higher standards in attainment and achievement. Governors contribute and provide direction in ensuring the school provides a high quality education for all its students and primarily make decisions from a parents' perspective.