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Grow it, Cook it, Eat it

10 August 2010

What does a radish look and taste like? How do you make sure that potato plants are not destroyed by frost? Which vegetables grow best in a British climate, and how can you make delicious food using what you have grown in your own garden?

These were some of the questions that the pupils were thinking about when they joined Denbigh's new Gardening Club. The purpose of the club is to learn first how to grow a mixture of fruit and vegetables, then to try out some tasty recipes and healthy snacks. Following the sessions, pupils take home seeds and compost to try growing their own.

Gardening club

The club is a useful way of working with pupils and their families to emphasise the importance of healthy eating, while also caring for the environment. Food miles is a big issue these days and the vegetable patch at Denbigh is now producing its first crop of broad beans, potatoes, radishes and garlic - just a short distance away from the Denbigh kitchen. This is another great incentive for pupils to eat locally sourced food, knowing that they have helped to produce it.

Denbigh High School has been working in partnership with Groundworks, an environmental charity that works alongside the whole community to help transform places and lives. One of the most important aspects of this project is the opportunity to work with families through the pupils in the school.

We now plan to extend the project to include other pupils and establish the school garden as a valuable resource across the curriculum.