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Gavin Shuker visits Denbigh

10 August 2010
On Monday 21st June Labour MP for Luton South, Mr Gavin Shuker, came to Denbigh High School to attend an assembly and answer questions from students.
The student led assembly was about the World Cup and was used as a vehicle to highlight the divide between the UK and some of the nations that are participating in the major sporting event.
Students Nadia Batoon, Karwal Hussan, Miriam Khan, Najrul Ali, Mohin Akthar, Kedemah Allen and Alex Awofisan each spoke about a different developing country, giving key facts and highlighting important differences like the average income and life expectancy.
They also talked about how sporting events like the World Cup provide hope for many who see the development of a sporting talent as an opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.
At the end of the assembly Mr Shuker addressed the audience and thanked everyone for their presentation before joining some of the students who had delivered the assembly in the meeting room along with Kelly Sinclair, Taslima Hussain, Abiha Nigath and Zaheer Khan.
The students then asked Mr Shuker a wide range of questions about his role, developments in education and key issues that face young people today.