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Denbigh receives outstanding Ofsted inspection for Citizenship

28 March 2007

On the 7th and 8th of February Ofsted came to Denbigh to inspect our work in citizenship and found our overall effectiveness in this area to be "outstanding".

Citizenship education is about empowering individual's to engage with the wider community by learning about the law, democracy and society.

Students at Denbigh are constantly learning the skills that are required in order for them to become active and informed citizens who take responsibility for themselves and their communities.

Our commitment to citizenship is fundamental to our work and covers a variety of learning activities that involve inclusive student participation.

Recent citizenship activities have included class work, discussion groups, displays artwork and themed assemblies."

Our impressive Ofsted report followed an in-depth inspection that involved interviews with staff and pupils, scrutiny of documentation, analysis of pupils work and observations in a classroom setting.

Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • "The overall vision for citizenship is outstanding"
  • "Personal development in citizenship is outstanding"
  • "The quality of learning is underpinned by the high quality relationships that exist between pupils and teachers and the implicit trust between them"
  • "Pupils are impressive ambassadors for the school and take evident pride in it"
  • "The school is committed to ensuring participation and responsible action"
  • "All pupils achieve well including those with learning difficulties and disabilities"
  • "The school's sports college status is having a very significant impact on raising standards across the school and extending the range of contexts for pupils to demonstrate responsible action"
  • "The result is that pupils are not only very articulate about the advantages they gain from the school's diversity but also display considerable maturity and respect for people as individuals".