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Young Enterprise winners 'road test' their product

15 June 2015
A team of seven Denbigh students who won Bedfordshire’s Young Enterprise competition at the end of April have taken their new innovation into Dallow Primary School.
The students have worked hard to build their own small business called ‘Infinitas’, which has produced a unique product called ‘Lacemate’, a shoe tying aid to help young children to learn to tie their shoe laces. 
On Friday 12th June they took their products into Dallow Primary School for some ‘real world’ feedback and led a session to help the young pupils learn to tie their shoes. Whilst they were there they also gave a presentation about Young Enterprise and the work that they have been doing which has led them to this point. They also carried out an exercise where the primary children had a go at coming up with their own inventions.
The Headteacher of Dallow Primary, Linda Nouch, said:
“It was wonderful for the children to see what could be achieved at High School and gave them something to aspire to in future.  They enjoyed the opportunity to think of their own inventions.”
One of the Dallow students from Oak Class said:
“I enjoyed the Denbigh students coming to my class. The Lacemate made it easier for me to tie my shoes.”
Speaking of the visit to Dallow, Year 10 student and Infinitas team member, Inayah Inam, commented;
"It was such a great experience to see our product being used by the primary children and being able to help solve their problem of being unable to tie their shoelaces."
Year 10 student, Talal Zaber, added;
"We can't wait to proudly represent Bedfordshire and showcase our product at the Young Enterprise East of England final."
The team also sold their product to a number of parents at the end of the day.
Previously, the team attended the County Final for the Young Enterprise company competition at All-Saints Academy in Dunstable on 30th April and walked away as county champions.
Over twenty teams took part in the event from schools across Bedfordshire and each team has been trying to grow their business and successfully market their product. The top five were then invited to the county final to show off all the work they had done.
The Infinitas team were fantastic on the night, they impressed the judges so much they were crowned Bedfordshire County Champions. They also won the special awards for ‘Best Company Business Report’, ‘Most Innovative Product’ and ‘Best Company Marketing’. They will now represent Bedfordshire and compete at the regional final in Cambridge which takes place this week on Thursday 18th of June.
Kimberley Lamb, Young Enterprise Manager for Bedfordshire, said:
We had some great companies started up by students in Bedfordshire this year and the judges were incredibly impressed with the products and services they had developed and the presentations they gave at the Awards.
“Denbigh High School have again proved themselves to be worthy winners of many of the evening’s awards, including the main Company of the Year 2015 award. The Awards highlighted how the Young Enterprise Company Programme can inspire young people to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and help them develop practical business skills, whilst still studying.
“The Judges on the evening remarked that the students at Denbigh who ran Infinitas proved to be committed, innovative and displayed an unrivalled amount of business and entrepreneurial skill.
“As Young Enterprise Manager for the County I am proud to see Denbigh go forward to represent Bedfordshire Schools in the East of England Regional Finals, in Cambridge on 18th June.”
Michael Mercieca, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise, said:
“The County Finals are the penultimate stage in finding the UK’s Best Overall Company, and all the teams have achieved so much over the past year. “The Company Programme is a great platform for students to develop their skills such as confidence, teamwork and resilience and interact with their local business community along the way.
“Well done to all the winners and particularly to Infinitus as they go forward to represent Bedfordshire at the East of England Final.”
This is the second year in a row that Denbigh has won the Bedfordshire Young Enterprise title and the team hopes for more success as they go forward through the competition.
The Young Enterprise team and their Lacemate products.