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Young Enterprise County Champions

23 May 2014

We are pleased to announce that Denbigh’s Young Enterprise team ‘New Leaf’ has made history by becoming the first team from Luton to be crowned winners of the Bedfordshire final.

The Young Enterprise company programme is a national event for young people aged between 14 and 19, with over two thousand teams taking part nationwide. The Denbigh team consisting of eight year 10 pupils have been working hard since September 2013, starting their own small business and creating a product to sell in the local community.

The programme is an excellent way for pupils to learn about the trials and tribulations of starting their own business and the skills and confidence that pupils gain during the process makes the programme very popular with many schools across the country.

Not only has the team from Denbigh become the first team from Luton to be crowned winners of the Bedfordshire final but over 80% of young people taking part are year 12 or year 13 students so they are also one of the youngest, if not the youngest, team from Bedfordshire to win the county final.

Denbigh’s Executive Principal, Dame Yasmin Bevan, said:

“The students who have participated in Young Enterprise over the years have always been highly motivated, organised and articulate. However, the team this year has been exceptionally so. Their achievement in being one of the youngest teams, ever, to secure a place in the Regional Final surpasses even the very high standards of our previous entries.  The praise they received from the panel of judges was glowing and extensive. Congratulations to the team and to Mr Wright who has supported and guided them in getting this far. We are very proud of their success and wish them the very best for the next stage.”

The product that New Leaf produced is a simple yet innovative idea to help people reduce the amount of food they waste at home. The product called ‘Up to Date’ is a set of six eye catching fridge magnets which are shaped and coloured to represent different food groups such as dairy and poultry. Customer’s simply write the expiration date of food onto the correct magnets and stick them to the fridge. The bright colours and interesting shapes act as a constant reminder of when food items are about to expire.

The rise in food prices and the need to reduce food wastage is an issue facing a lot of families in the current economic climate. Up to Date really works to reduce this problem and this greatly impressed the judges.

Denbigh’s Young Enterprise Team Managing Director, Safa Abbas, said:

"The lead up to the presentation of the county final winners was nerve racking! All eight of us were on the edge of our seats, then that moment the envelope was opened and New Leaf was read out, I was too overwhelmed to even speak. We sprung off our seats and still in shock walked down as a team to collect our award. That moment was overwhelming and definitely unforgettable."

The next step for New Leaf is to attend the East of England final at the end of June. Hopefully the team can also impress the judges there and progress to the national final.

The Regional Final will take place on Monday 23rd June at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.