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Year 10 students win Microsoft app designing competition

17 March 2015
Year 10 Computer Science pupils, Hannan Shah, Yusuf Hussain, Abdurrasheed Sadiq, Talal Zaber, Humza Khan and Saud Humayan from Denbigh High School have won a Microsoft competition to design an app as part of Microsoft’s BAME programme.
As an internal volunteer group called an ‘Employee Resource Group’ BAME UK is the Black Asian Ethnic Minority Employee Network group at Microsoft UK. Their mission is to;
1) Foster Career development
2) Encourage employee engagement through diversity and inclusion
3) Champion Microsoft's involvement in the community
The students visited Microsoft’s HQ in Reading to compete against 17 other schools to design an app and give a presentation before being announced as the clear winners.
The app that the boys designed is called 'Feed Me' and its aim is to help people with their shopping. People use the app to scan the food that they have bought and it will give them recipe ideas and remind them before things become out-of-date.
Denbigh student, Hannan Shah, commented;
“We had to work together to design an app and present it to the Microsoft team and all of the participants from the other schools. We presented first so we were very nervous and really felt the pressure but we gave it 100% and did what we could.
“When we found out we had won we were very proud of our achievement and we could see from the smiles on our teachers’ faces that they were proud of us too. We won a big trophy for the school and a small trophy for each member of the team as well as Xbox games.”
Denbigh’s Teaching and Learning Leader for Computing, Mr Saifi Aftab, added;
“Going in to Microsoft and being shown around their campus was an amazing experience for the boys, as was sitting through presentations on how to project manage, design and market an app. The boys also gained insight in how to become a Microsoft employee through various programs such as internships, graduate programs and work experience.”