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Science team shortlisted for national final

29 January 2016


One of our GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Mathematics and Science) teams has been shortlisted for the final of the National Schools Engineering Competition for Girls.
This means they are invited to present their project to the judges at the Big Bang Science fair at the NEC in Birmingham on the 19th of March.
GEMS aims to give some of our brightest girls the chance to take part in projects to encourage them to follow Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as they move through their future careers.
As part of GEMS we entered two groups of students into the competition and the groups were set the challenge to look at the world's most serious problems and then as young engineers try and solve those problems.
One of the teams named themselves team Fortitude and took on the challenge of improving poor sanitation which leads to many deaths in some countries. To deal with this problem Fortitude decided to engineer their own hand sanitiser solution created from cheap natural ingredients that could be distributed to countries in need.
To test their sanitiser the girls grew cultures of e-coli bacteria and tested their solution to see if it had any effect. The early tests have been promising and they are continuing to develop their formula to improve it. To showcase what they have done the group also created a website showing how they engineered their sanitiser and tested it. 
Being shortlisted places them in the top 15 groups in the country and we are very proud of their success.

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