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England Women's Cricket Vice-Captain Jenny Gunn visits Denbigh

11 December 2013


The England Women’s Cricket Vice-Captain Jenny Gunn visited Denbigh High School on Wednesday 11th December.

The visit came as part of Bedfordshire Cricket’s School Cricket Club initiative which aims to develop interest and participation in cricket for those aged 11 to 16 through a club based at the school which is run by the students.

As part of this initiative the Denbigh Girls Cricket Council (DGCC) have been given £2000 and two years to spend this investment which has been provided to help promote girls cricket around the school.

The DGCC is comprised of Momna Rafiq, Georgia Webster, Zara Sher, Aisha Sadiq, Marjan Begum, Aneesah Hussain, Zaynah Shah and Faima Miah and they will be offering a number of events over the next two years to promote the sport and develop and establish cricket throughout the school.

During her visit, Jenny Gunn met with the DGCC and other students for a Question and Answer session where she ran through her career to date before delivering practical sessions to students in years 7, 8, 9 and 10. During the visit the students also played some games of Kwik Cricket.

The DGCC would welcome any ideas for fundraising or profile-raising events over the coming year.