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Denbigh students raise money for local charities

20 February 2015
The whole of Year 8 have taken part in a charity presentation which has resulted in donations to two local charities totalling £1500.
As part of the Citizenship curriculum at Denbigh, Year 8 pupils took part in the First Give Programme, an initiative that encourages pupils to think about social issues in their area and learn about the charities that work to address them.
Pupils were first tasked with learning about and choosing a local charity and then, in lessons, working together in groups to create presentations to champion their chosen charities.
Then, during a form competition, one presentation was voted as the winning group in their form and then the winning group from each form took part in a charity presentation final where they competed against the other forms in the year group to win money for their chosen charity. The teams that achieve 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are then given £1500 to award to their chosen charities.
The overall winners were form 83 who won £1000 for Luton All Women's Centre.
Louisa Searle, Programme Manager, for First Give said:
“They won because they demonstrated a perceptive and empathetic understanding of the social issue of domestic violence. They also clearly had engaged with their charity in a meaningful way.
“In addition to this, their presentation was professional and well put together - they projected their voices well and spoke with passion.”
Forms 84 and 87 came joint second and won £250 each for their charities. (Luton All Women’s Centre and CAN respectively).
Chloe Price, Teacher of History and RE at Denbigh, commented:
“The students really enjoyed the freedom of being able to work in their groups to create their own presentations independently. Although I provided some guidance, the ideas were completely their own and they were extremely creative and dedicated in their approach.”