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Denbigh students demonstrate true Olympic spirit

29 June 2012
Each and every student at Denbigh High School took part in 5 days of exciting sports related learning activities this week as part of National School Sports Week.
Students were treated to an action packed week of events which included special guests from the world of sport, a wide range of cross curricular learning activities and our very own Olympic Games.
On Monday and Tuesday the school day continued as normal but the PE lessons across the school were transformed into Paralympic sporting activities.
Wednesday then marked the start of 3 days of incredible activities and events. The first day began with an Olympic opening ceremony that included presentations, poems, singing and dancing. The students were also treated to motivational speeches by adventurer Hugh William Preece who ran 50 marathons in 50 days and Pro rugby star Sacha Harding.
Pupils stayed in their tutor groups for the three days and took part in a rotation of activities that were based on each Olympic and Paralympic value. Departments worked together in collaboration to provide high quality learning experiences that centred around each of the following values:


English & Languages


Maths, Art, Tech & Drama




Humanities & ICT


Science & Music


Tutor Groups

Pupils were also treated to a huge range of activities before school, during lunch time and after school, which included:

  • Cricket bowling competitions
  • Rounders
  • Wimbledon tennis competitions
  • Martial arts
  • Trampolining
  • Fencing
  • Futsal
  • Archery
  • Tug of war
  • Badminton

There was also an Olympic museum in the library and students and staff battled it out in 'students versus staff' games of netball and cricket.

On Friday morning the whole school gathered for the school's main event - sports day. Students, cheered on by their classmates and many mascots, gave it their all in a wide variety of races.
Friday afternoon saw the real piece de resistance with a huge closing ceremony where medals were handed out and the students were able to hear another inspirational speech, this time from Paralympic swimmer Fran Williamson.
The week provided students with the biggest range of sporting events in Denbigh's history and incredible learning experiences that will be fondly remembered by all of the students who took part.
Denbigh's Associate Principal, Daniel Connor said:
"The Olympic week in the school was a huge success. The effort, creativity and planning put into it by the school staff and the students themselves were immense. It supported the students with an exceptionally wide range of rich learning activities, all linked to the Olympic and Paralympic values. The students engaged with the activities enthusiastically and energetically and, as well as learning lots, I think we can be sure that we will all remember London 2012 for the rest of our lives."
Year 8 student, Aneesa Raqeeb said:
"The Olympic and Paralympic week was a once in a lifetime experience. The amount of excitement and excellence going through the school on this one particular week was amazing. There was a variety of sports that every student, no matter what ability, could participate in. On top of sports we did mixed lessons combining all of the Olympic and Paralympics values. It was very interesting learning how all of the subjects can have all the aspects of the values in them. It was a very enjoyable week."
Denbigh's Teaching and Learning Leader for PE, Miss Donna Neely said:
"The Olympic and Paralympic event was such an enriching, memorable and enjoyable few days. Pupils were able to learn in a fun, creative and collaborative way that brought the whole school together to create such a thrilling atmosphere. Pupils and staff demonstrated true team work throughout, it was an absolute delight to be able to see such high standards and enjoyment across the three days."
Denbigh's Teaching and Learning Leader for English, Mrs Nandini Moitra said:
"This was collaborative learning at its peak."