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Denbigh judged 'outstanding' by peer review

23 November 2012

Denbigh is part of a nationwide group of schools dedicated to self improvement and school-to-school support, called 'Challenge Partners'. Each member of this partnership takes part in an annual 'Quality Assurance Review', where senior staff from other schools assess the quality of provision in the school.

This month we received a team of highly trainedĀ colleagues from schools across the country, led by a qualified Ofsted inspector. After talking to our students, observing them work in class, and discussing with teachers they agreed that the school was 'Outstanding' in all the categories which are included in the review: student achievement, teaching and learning, school improvement and contribution to other school partnerships.

As part of the review process each school puts forward two areas of particular excellence. The team that visited last year had already confirmed English and PE as areas of excellence, and this team did the same for the two new areas submitted this year: the provision we make for teachers' professional development, and student leadership, which they described not just as excellent but as 'world class'.

We are very pleased with this judgement as it recognises the hard work and dedication of all our staff, as well as the determination of our students to succeed.