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Denbigh credited for our usage of GCSE Pod

19 December 2014

We have recently been announced as one of the top ten schools in the country for our use of GCSEPod.

GCSEPod is a unique service, designed to tap into the learning potential of smart phones and handheld devices through a combination of clever technology and award-winning content, to ensure equality of access, high usage and the best possible impact on GCSE results.

Students access GCSEPod content via a link on the school learning platform (Realsmart) or on the GCSEPod app. Each podcast provides students with relevant, easy-to-digest information in a tiny file format, meaning that students can add learning content onto their mobile devices while still leaving room for their own media.

Denbigh launched GCSEPod to both staff and students at the beginning of the autumn term. Since then, nearly 11,000 podcasts have been streamed. Students have used the content to revise, to complete assignments that have been set by staff across the curriculum and to create their own playlists of podcasts that will help consolidate the learning from specific lessons.

As a result, the school has one of the highest usage rates of GCSEPod in the country. Shailen Thakrar, GCSEPod Account Manager said; "Wow! I don’t know what Denbigh High School has done in such a short period of time but can we bottle it?! Fantastic usage stats – Keep up the great work."

Students can access GCSEPod by logging in to the following website -