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Children’s TV presenter visits Denbigh

6 February 2012
On Friday 3rd February the TV presenter Gemma Hunt visited Denbigh high school to talk to students about a career in television and deliver some television presenting workshops.
The visit was part of Denbigh’s Careers Week which is an action packed week of activities where students are given the opportunity to learn about a wide range of career paths and speak to the people who are working in those fields.
Gemma Hunt with Denbigh students
Gemma Hunt has been one of the main children’s television presenters on CBBC1, CBBC2 and the CBBC Channel for over four years. She has presented many shows including children’s programmes, magazine shows, links and hosting coverage from live events.
Gemma Hunt signing autographsDuring her visit Gemma spoke to groups of students in Drama and Media Studies to explain her career path and how she became a success. She also watched some student performances and gave presenting tips to Year 9 pupils in Drama lessons. She received a great response from the students and was also available to answer questions and sign autographs at break time.
Other activities during the week included a large event where students could meet a wide range of people from various sports related careers, hear about daily life in each role and the qualifications, skills and qualities required to pursue a career in that field. Denbigh’s Humanities department also put on careers related activities in all of their lessons throughout the week.
All in all the week was a huge success and the students thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the activities, meeting the visitors and learning about the many different career paths available to them.
Year 9 student Albi Rahman said:
“I learnt new and interesting things about different careers and it has helped me to decide what GCSEs I want to take. The talk with Gemma Hunt was also so inspiring; she has so much passion for her career.”
Denbigh’s Information Advice and Guidance Manager, Michael Wright had this to say about Careers Week.
“For me it is all about opening our pupils eyes to what is out there for them, that way we can help to guide them into a successful future.”

Transcript of an interview with Gemma Hunt

Q: Have you enjoyed your visit to Denbigh today?

A: I have had such a wonderful morning, what an incredible school. It really reminds me of the high school that I went to, with some really enthusiastic students taught by some very inspirational teachers. I said to one group of students how I think you are so very lucky to have so many incredible teachers that care so much about you and want to encourage and support you - so make the most of them. I also think that the facilities that you have here are just brilliant, there are so many great things going on at Denbigh. I have said to a few people that I look forward to seeing your careers and where you go because there is so much potential here.

Q: If there was one bit of advice that you would give to our students then what would that be?

A: To absolutely focus on your Plan A and what you are aiming to do but to also have a Plan B as a backup in case something else fails so that you have something to fall back on - but to do your Plan A wholeheartedly, believing in yourself that you can do it. Many good things come out of Luton. I am a Luton graduate from the university myself so I am proof that you can achieve your ultimate dream if you work hard and focus.