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Chief Executive of the National College for Teaching and Leadership visits Denbigh

25 March 2014

Charlie Taylor, Chief Executive of the National College for Teaching and Leadership, visited Denbigh High School on Tuesday 25 March to see how we train and develop teachers in the schools in the Chiltern Learning Trust and also across the Chiltern Teaching School Alliance.

As part of this visit, Mr Taylor had a lively and interesting discussion with students from Denbigh and Challney Boys on their role as Teaching Partners. Teaching Partners receive training on lesson observation and give teachers feedback on how they can make their teaching even better. All the staff who have been observed have found this a very valuable process, commenting very favourably on the quality of student feedback.  Mr Taylor and Mr King also from the National College, were equally impressed with the maturity of the students and the sophistication of their observations which reflected very well on both schools.

The visitors also had a very informative session with a number of headteachers about how the local picture on teacher and leadership training and development fits in with what is happening nationally. This gave Mr Taylor a very useful insight into local issues and how schools are working together to plan and address these.

Dame Yasmin, Executive Principal and Chief Executive of the Chiltern Learning Trust said:

“This was a superb opportunity for our students and staff to talk to a national figure about their experiences and for local headteachers to be able to contribute to the development of strategic policy on teacher training and recruitment”.