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Anglia News comes to Denbigh

22 March 2012

Anglia News visited Denbigh high school on Wednesday 21st March to see how we are helping each and every one of our students to achieve their full potential.

The report, which was also shown on London Tonight, was about the national drive by the Education Endowment Foundation to tackle poverty in education by helping to reduce the differences in achievement between students from deprived backgrounds and those who are much better off.

The report focused on what Denbigh is doing to narrow this gap by ensuring that all of our students, no matter their background, achieve their potential and how we export our success to other schools.

Anglia's Education and Social Affairs Correspondent, Elodie Harper, visited Denbigh for over two hours and spent time talking with Dame Yasmin and interviewing staff and students. She also witnessed a PE Theory lesson being taught by Mrs Corder and asked students about the ways in which they are supported at Denbigh.

All of the students who took part in the programme were superb ambassadors for the school and yet another reminder of what makes Denbigh so special.

Students being interviewed by Anglia News