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Denbigh students receive the top prize for their winning presentation

4 January 2010

Thirty year nine students got the chance to visit Hertfordshire University this month to see what it is like to be a student for the day. The pupils had the opportunity to speak to current students and find out about all of the positive aspects of going on to university. They were treated to a tour of the university's state-of-the-art sports facilities as well as the main library that contains over five hundred thousand books.

At the end of this experience the pupils were split into teams of eight and given a task. To produce a product, a slogan and a one minute presentation aimed to encourage young people to go on to university in the future. Teams from schools all across Luton took part and the room was buzzing with activity as the teams worked at high speed to meet the tight deadline.

One group from Denbigh produced a large rocket as their product to symbolise students "aiming for the stars!" This linked with their slogan "University, it's not rocket science!" The team, Junaid Ahmed, Humain Ahmed, Mashiat Hussain, Ali Miah, Fehzan Ashraf, Muazzam Choudhury, Zain Yaqoob and Enoch Gara put on a great presentation. They used audience participation and their comic talents to really win over the crowd and get their point across.

Teachers from the different Luton schools all acted as judges to decide which group had completed the task most effectively. After some discussion the judges got together and totalled up their scores. Although some of the other presentations were of a great standard, the judges decided that the Denbigh team were the winners.