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Denbigh students pull together to raise funds for Haiti

8 March 2010

The whole of Denbigh High School participated in raising funds for Haiti by collecting and donating money during their form times and managed to raise over 1200.00.

At a year 10 school council meeting a few days after the devastating earthquake there was a lot of discussion about possible activities to raise funds for Haiti. The students wanted to do something quickly whilst the news reports were a priority item and the need for aid and support was at the front of most people's minds.

They made a decision to hold a whole school one day spare change collection. Assemblies carried the message and showed some footage of the scenes in Haiti as a reminder of the suffering and loss.

The pupils were very concerned and asked lots of questions about the children, especially many of whom who were now orphaned. Large numbers of pupils gave their pocket money and some bought in their savings. There were interform challenges for the most money collected and the contents of many penny jars were donated for the cause.

Year 10 student Farah Iqbal said: With such devastation we had to help them rebuild their country. People all over the world have helped and we hope that our contribution is able to help them in some way.

The photograph below shows some of the Denbigh students who made a penny line using some of the money that they raised.