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Denbigh students demonstrate real leadership

8 March 2010
On Friday 5th February the school received a visit from Sports Leaders UK.
The visit was organised to assess the delivery of pupil leadership across a range of year groups in modern foreign languages, physical education and dance.
The language leaders for MFL which involved sixty year nine pupils delivered French workshops which they taught to year seven pupils for forty minutes at a time.
The leaders excelled at the challenge showing excellent leadership with high levels of motivation and inspiration which helped the year sevens learn. The year nine pupils who led the sessions were a real credit to the school and excelled when leading younger pupils. The year seven pupils who took part in the session really enjoyed and valued the experience.
"Being taught French by year nines was very good it was French-tastic"
Aqsa Fazal 77
"Teaching the year sevens French was very interesting, we planned fun lessons and learnt what it was like to become a teacher. I found it very enjoyable and worthwhile."
Kevin Chang 94
At lunchtime there was a wide range of sporting activities being led by the years ten and eleven leaders. These activities included dance, inter-form football and Ultimate Frisbee. All leaders showed high levels of competence, positive levels of motivation and excellent group control, which was commented on by the visitor.
At the end of the day a select group of year eight buddies who take part in the young leaders qualification ran a bench ball tournament to a year seven PE group. This was very inspiring to watch and it showed how strong the impact of leadership is across the school.