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Denbigh receives International School Award

15 September 2008
Denbigh High School has been successful in gaining the International School Award and is now accredited for the next three years.
The award has been given to Denbigh High School because of the high quality of the schools international work across the curriculum.
The school has demonstrated through a wide variety of evidence that:
students are given great opportunities to learn about different cultures and important global issues
an international ethos is embedded throughout the school with the majority of pupils being involved in international work
there is collaborative curriculum-based work with a number of partner schools
there is year round international activity
the school is actively involved in the wider community.
The award will be presented to the school at the national presentation event in central London on Wednesday 8th October.
Associate Principle Daniel Connor said:
Students at Denbigh are constantly learning the valuable skills that are required in order for them to become active and informed global citizens.
Throughout the curriculum our students are given the opportunity to learn about the wide variety of different cultures and important global issues. A number of international links have also been set up with pupils in Botswana, India, Spain and Tanzania so that our students can engage with young people in other countries and learn from their experiences.
Work in this area is vital as it encourages tolerance, stimulates debate, widens participation and allows students to develop their own understanding of global issues.