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30 October 2007

We are proud to announce that we have received Ofsteds highest accolade after a formal inspection on the 10th October 2007.

The inspection was carried out by one of Her Majestys Inspectors and one Additional Inspector and evaluated the overall effectiveness of the school. Key issues such as the standard of literacy, the achievement of pupils and how well teachers use assessment to improve the quality of learning were covered as part of the inspection. One hundred and twenty seven parents also responded to a questionnaire seeking their views about the school.

The Ofsted report praises the school and makes the following judgements:

  • The curriculum is outstanding
  • Personal development and well-being are outstanding
  • Care, guidance and support are outstanding
  • The behaviour and attitude of pupils in lessons are outstanding
  • Incidents of bullying and racism are very low
  • Pupils make a significant contribution to the school and the community
  • Teachers have very high expectations of pupils in lessons and pupils respond well to this
  • The excellent leadership of the Headteacher and Acting Headteacher has permeated throughout the school
  • Attendance is well above the national average. Pupils clearly enjoy coming to school and this is confirmed in the survey of parents
  • Leadership and management at all levels are outstanding

We are very pleased to have received such positive recognition and look forward to helping our students to reach even higher levels of achievement.