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Denbigh receives the Eco Schools Award

21 June 2008

Denbigh High School has received the Eco Schools award in recognition of its green credentials having demonstrated good environmental practice across the school.

The award is given to schools who can demonstrate that they have:

  • Identified an Action Team.
  • The Action Team has completed an Environmental Review.
  • The Action Team has produced an Action Plan and shared the plan with the rest of the school.
  • The Action Team can identify progress towards achieving elements of the Action Plan.
  • The school can indicate that environmental issues have been covered within curriculum work.
  • The school has a prominent, designated notice board, web pages or newsletter which details Eco-Schools activities.

Acting Headteacher, Stuart Moore said: "We are very pleased to have received the award but this is just the beginning for us. The whole school is committed to sustainability and our students are active participants in helping us to achieve our environmental targets".

Some examples of Denbigh students actively taking part in projects to support green issues include:

'Eco Warriors' which is a sub committee of the School Council that focuses on environmental issues and 'Junior Street Champions' where students identify issues in the streets surrounding Denbigh and Wardown Park and work with the council to report them, thus taking on responsibility for their local community.

Denbigh is a pilot school for Junior Street Champions and the first in Luton to adopt the scheme.