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Denbigh puts on an action packed week for Children in Need

24 November 2009
The whole of Denbigh High School participated in raising funds for Children in Need from the 16th - 20th November and the week was extremely busy, action packed and very worthwhile.
Students and staff displayed their talents in a wide range of activities that included penalty shoot outs against Superman and Scooby Doo (AKA Denbigh teaching staff), a Sudoku Challenge, Basketball Free Throw Challenge, interform quizzes, Speed Stacks and Name the Item'.
Staff and students generously emptied their pockets and managed to fill the spare change jars on a daily basis.
The biggest fundraiser of the week was the Penalty Shootout' with the Crossbar Challenge' a close second. The Crossbar Challenge involved having to try and kick a football so that it hits the crossbar and those who are successful get the money back that they paid to play.
On the Wednesday the year 7's were all fired up for the Interform Quiz' and their enthusiasm and knowledge was amazing with all groups scoring close to full marks on every round. There was some strategic play with their jokers which just edged the scores in the final stages of the quiz and in the end it was form 72 who won by one point.
The money raised from the activities is still being counted but so far the school has raised over 520.00.