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Denbigh pupils participate in community cohesion project

10 August 2010

Year seven pupils joined pupils at William Austin junior school on Thursday 17th June to participate in a project that teaches them about Gypsies and Travellers. The junior school pupils were involved in poetry workshops, culminating in a poetry performance to the school in front of a traditional bender tent, used by the Gypsy and Traveller communities.

As part of the project our year seven pupils had to first build the traditional tent out of hazel tree branches at the school. Before they had caravans, bender tents were used by Gypsies and Travellers when they were setting up camp. Pupils and teachers alike were intrigued to discover that a bender tent was made by sticking hazel sticks into the ground, twisting and tying them together to form a frame before putting a tarpaulin on the top. The pupils worked well together and once they had been shown what to do, took over the building of the tent. Once the tent was finished the junior school pupils used it as a stage where they put on some great poetry performances.

We hope the junior school pupils enjoyed the competition as much as we enjoyed building the tent and we felt really proud to be representing Denbigh High School.

Fahima Uddin in year 7