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Denbigh High School is amongst the top performing schools in the country

9 February 2009

Denbigh High School and Challney High School for Boys have come out on top out of all the schools in Luton in the latest league table results for their Key Stage 2 to 4 Contextual Value Added (CVA) scores.
The results for both schools show a CVA score of 1045.7 which puts them amongst the top performing schools in the country.
CVA scores were introduced to give a better and fairer measure of school effectiveness than raw results alone because they allow
meaningful comparisons to be
made between schools with
different intakes, by taking into
account prior attainment and
the circumstances of the pupils
who attend the school.
The CVA score looks at the improvement that pupils make between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 whilst taking into account a number of factors that are outside the schools control.
It then predicts what a pupil's attainment should be, based on the attainment of other children with similar backgrounds and then sees how the school has influenced pupils performance e.g. above or below the
national prediction.
Both schools received glowing letters from Jim Knight that congratulated them on their
huge success and Denbigh received further thanks from Margaret Moran MP saying I would like to congratulate all the staff, students and governors who have made such an exceptional accomplishment possible. This truly reflects the outstanding efforts made by teachers, helpers and heads in your commitment to nurturing and enforcing good educational practice and a bright future for the students of Denbigh High.
Denbigh High School and Challney High School for Boys Executive Principal Dame Yasmin Bevan said: The very high contextual value added achieved by both schools which places them amongst the top in the country is a tribute to the commitment and motivation of students and staff. We are very proud of their sustained achievements and success."